Services at B’nai Abraham are designed to make everyone feel welcome and at home. The prayers, conducted with Hebrew/English prayer-books, are lively, engaging and inclusive – spiced with inspiring tunes and insightful explanations throughout – allowing all to absorb the experience at their own level. Whether you consider yourself Reform or Conservative, Orthodox or unaffiliated, Sefardi or Ashkenazi, well-versed or unversed; at B’nai Abraham, the labels and classifications fall away – as all stand equally beloved before G-d.
Rabbi Goldman’s sermons likewise speak to all participants, and are always topical, relevant, stimulating and enlightening.

Contact: (215) 238-2100 or

Morning – Shacharis:
Monday through Friday – 7:15am (year-round) | B’nai Abraham
Saturdays – Shabbos 9:30am | B’nai Abraham
Sundays & Public Holidays – 8:30am | B’nai Abraham

Evening – Mincha & Maariv:
Sunday through Thursday 10 minutes before sundown (Mincha & Maariv | Spring & Summer) at B’nai Abraham

Friday night services | 509 Pine Street / Vilna Congregation begins at Sunset
(during summer months, services begin at 7:00pm)