November 2019

This past August, during a particularly violent storm, the round stained glass window at the top of the west stairwell blew in and was shattered.  The stained glass windows of the Shul were installed in 1910. The window was shattered by falling three floors, but thanks to Marty Tuzman of Jenkintown Window Services and Emily Selvin of Selvin Glass, a new window was installed in time for Rosh Hashanah.

In a letter that Marty Tuzman wrote to Rabbi Goldman – May our broken pieces be fixed – he said, “We don’t know when we will be called on to mend and aid someone in ways we haven’t before.  And we don’t know our capacity to step up to do it. But it’s a matter of being ready and available and listening for the call.”  Thank you Marty and Emily for being there and answering the call.

Winter 2019